The Golden Rule – treating others as we would wish to be treated – has long been our guiding principle. Within Valet Girls, the Golden Rule has never been a paper strategy. It is a deeply felt ethical belief, shared by everyone in the company, from our CEO Nancy Saltzman through to the Valet Leads. It allows us to treat each other, as well as our guests, with an extra measure of caring and thoughtfulness.

Valet Girls has developed a level of expertise in keeping with the “best practices” of the national parking industry.

Our key strengths include revenue control technologies, auditing, reporting, and enhanced customer service awareness with continuous training and related programs.

Our greatest asset, and they key to our success is our people! Each member of the Valet Girls team needs a sense of dignity, pride and satisfaction in what they do. Because satisfying our customers depends on the united efforts of many, we will be most effective when we work together cooperatively, respecting each other’s contribution and importance. All of us involved with Valet Girls are committed to a high level of a hospitality-driven philosophy that is at the core of everything we do.

What we want to create is an atmosphere combined with a genuine warmth, caring guest service and unparalleled hospitality. Our team members act graceful, sincere, and refined. 

We will achieve all of this if we greet all our guests with a warm and sincere welcome. We strive to create a genuinely warm atmosphere that combines caring guest service with unparalleled hospitality. The goal of our leadership style is to liberate our team by removing obstacles so they can deliver a sincere and engaged style of service to your guests.

Customer Service above All Philosophy: Our commitment at Valet Girls is to invest the time and money to properly train our team to our industry leading standards. We invite you to celebrate with us our 34 years in business. 

Valet Girls was founded in 1983 by Dana Hartley in Malibu, California. Ms. Hartley launched the company with two employees and provided valet parking for hundreds of events each year between 1983 and 2006.

In 2006, the company was acquired by Nancy Saltzman who at the time owned a valet parking company operating dozens of high profile restaurants, hotels and residential apartment communities in Los Angeles.  With over 100+ employees bringing their commitment to a culture of service and hospitality, we are always listening, collaborating and executing on innovative solutions for our customers.  We invite you to celebrate with us our 34th year in business.

Over the years, Valet Girls parked cars at Arnold Schwarzenegger's 40th birthday party, the late comedian Bob Hope's 90th birthday party and at events for Microsoft co-Founder Paul Allen, Sharon Stone’s Birthday party, Comedian Kathy Griffin and actor Dennis Hopper. Numerous other high profile celebrities and CEO’s are long time clients however we have signed confidentially agreements

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