“Valet Girls Parking to Debut at Susan’s Feniger’s STREETin Hollywood”

“L.A.: Models, Actresses Augment Income Parking Cars forRich and Famous”

“Valet Girls Loses Steam, Cuts Prices” 

“All-Girl Valet Service Not Recession-Proof”

“Kelly VanDahl, Automotice Gatekeeper”

“A Hot Meal”

"Just the Girls to Get You into a Tight Spot”

“The Asphalt Jungle: Valet Girls”

“Valet Girls Tone It Down in San Diego”

“Glamour Girls on Their Way to UK”

“Women Flock to Valet Girl Tryouts”

“Valet Girls Put Some Sizzle in Those Seats”

“Baby, You Can Park My Car”

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